Frequently Asked Questions on Pest Prevention

What’s the difference between traditional pest control and All About Bugs Termite & Pest Control?

Traditional pest control relies on an exterminator applying routine, indiscriminate application of pesticides inside your home, whether needed or not. The intent is to try to place pesticides wherever pests could possibly go. To be successful, this pest control method requires that pests come in direct contact with the pesticide, where it was applied, INSIDE your home.

 concentrates on keeping pests from getting inside in the first place by taking preventive, exclusionary measures like caulking and sealing even small, hard-to-see entry points. Also, treatments are targeted to specific areas outside your home, where pests live and breed.

Ultimately, Pest Prevention makes more sense and is more effective than traditional pest control, making it better for you, your family and our environment.

How can you control pests inside my home if you only service outside?

After we’ve eliminated any problems inside your home, we focus our attention outside to address areas where pests can gain entry or where they might find food or water sources. After those access points are eliminated, we create a barrier of protection. By keeping pests outside, we eliminate or reduce the need to go back inside your home.

Why should I hire a professional Pest Prevention service?

Pest management professionals are educated, trained and certified to handle the specific pest issues that you will encounter in and around your home. All About Bugs Termite & Pest Control’s professionals are trained in the safe handling and proper application of materials used to eliminate or prevent pests. Some general guidelines for choosing a pest management company are:

  • Look for a reputable company with knowledgeable and professional representatives and a great image.
  • Ask friends and associates to recommend companies they use or have used.
  • Look for members of state and national industry associations such as the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) that provide ethical
    guidelines and technical information.
  • Be certain the company is licensed by your state’s regulatory agency.

Why do I need to have my home inspected before you can give me a price?

No two homes or pest problems are exactly alike and neither are their treatments. That’s why we thoroughly inspect your home – inside and outside. We then design a program customized for your situation.

What are conditions, avenues and sources?

Household pests live and breed outside your home. In order to survive, they seek food, water, and shelter – and your home provides all of those elements. Conditions, avenues and sources provide means for pests to get inside your home.

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